Friendliness, familiarity and enthusiasm is what characterize Lydia Yachting moto which is ready to invite you for Aegean and Ionian Sea adventure.

Our nelwly aquired yachts Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 410 and 490 are ready to welcome you on board offering privacy and luxury for a family friendly vacation

~For generations now, we have been born and bred close to the sea. As a result of such proximity , a bond of fondness and love for the deep blue waters emerged connecting us forever.

30 years of involvement in various sectors such as security, navigation, seamanship and even racing sailboats led to the foundation and creation of our family business “sailing boats”

With our new luxurious and well-maintained boats, we offer you safe, comfortable and unforgettable sailing escapes, in the sunny and deep blue Greek seas
Τhe only thing you need is choice of vessel bareboat, skipper boat or full crew (depending on your experiences and what your desired holidays are ) choice of good company and packing your luggage

~ Our team is willing and ready to provide full service on arrival at the airport until the day of departure.